Our Company, Errea Productions, is located in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We specialize in ENG/EFP shootings and production
services for the television and corporate industries.

Whether you need a One-Man-Shooter or a Full-Crew with HD broadcast camera, wide angle lens, HD monitor, lights, sound for a Television Show, Documentary or Corporate Video.

Our crews have worked with many TV/Video/Film
Production Crews coming to shoot to South America.
We can say proudly that Errea Productions is one of
the first companies to offer this kind of services in the region.

We are creative technicians, with high level skills:
We offer: DPs/ Cameramen, Soundmen, Lighting
Technician, Fixers/PA, journalists and Field Producers.

We provide our customers with: Chroma-key
studio, transportation, shooting permits, editing,
insurances, scoutings and Aerial shooting services.

We also assist in locating the best crews in
our neighbor countries.


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