HD Cameras & Accessories:

Full-Sizes Cameras
P2 Panasonic AJ-HPX3700G
XDCAM Sony PDW-700/800
P2 Panasonic AG-HPX500
Medium-Sizes Cameras
Sony NEX-F700
Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2
Canon 7D or 5D SRL with lenses (primes and
4K Cinema Cameras
Red Scarlet 4K with Carl Zeiss Compact Prime set.
Red Epic 4K or Red One.
Wide angle lens Canon HJ11 or Fuji HA13 w/extender
Normal lens Canon HJ17 or Fuji 17x w/extender
Tele lens Canon HJ22 w/extender
Carl Zeiss T1.3 Prime Set
On-camera 7" HD portable monitor
Client 17" HD monitor
Sachtler Video 20 Tripod
Chrosziel Matte-Box/Follow-Focus
4x4/4x5.65 Filters: Polarizer, ND6, ND9, Sunset. etc.
Dolly, Crane, Aerial Camera Mount and Steady-cam


Mini-Bus or Van for transportation.

Lighting & Accessories:

4 Bank Fluorescent Light w/3200 and 5500 bulbs
2 Bank Fluorescent Light w/3200 and 5500 bulbs

Lighting & Accessories:

500w Lowel Omni-lights with dichroic filters, etc.
2K, 1K, 650w and 300w Dexel Fresnels
1K and 2K Red Open Face
1K Ellipsoidal w/gobos and 2K Soft-lights with louvers
200w Portable Par HMI Light w/electronic ballast
575w and 1200w HMI lights on-request
Led Panel Light
2K or 1K Chimera with louver and diffusions
Omni or 200w HMI Chimera with diffusions
1x1 Scrim Jim with silk, silver and black
Heavy duty stands for big lights
Light weight and medium size stands
5 in1 Lighting portable reflector
1K/2.5K and 5K portable generators
Accessories: color gels, diffusions filters,
cookies, flags, grips, dimmers, cables, etc.
Dedo-lights on-request.

Sound & Accessories:

Sony/Lectrosonic/Sennheiser UHF lavalier wireless mics.
Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic. with carbon fiber boom-pole and zeppelin.
Electro Voice handheld ENG mic.
Sony UTX-P1 plug-in transmitter
Azden 41HT UHF handheld wireless mic.
Wendt 4 channel field audio mixer
Shure FP3 mixer
Sony MDR-7506 headphone
Tascam DA-P1 Dat recorder
Many extras: XLR cables, windscreens, etc.

For any other equipment, call me.

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